Social media has changed the way how businesses interact with a new generation of tech-savvy customers. It’s a best place to generating and floating the content that aligns with your brand personality and taking a note of what your audience cares about.

Social media management tools make it easier for you to keep the tab of your social efforts. By analyzing your social media marketing campaigns and efforts, you can track that how much engagement your campaign is generating, how well your posts are doing and what is keeping your audience interested. Also, you can use the gathered data for planning even better and more profitable campaigns in the future.

For every business, it’s important to determine their ROI from social media marketing and here are the 5 tools which can makes it easier for you to keep the track:

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the awesome and most widely used tool by businesses to track that from where the traffic to their website is coming from, including the visitors coming from social media. Through Google Analytics you can not only track that on which platform your social media campaign is performing the best, but can also see that after coming to your website what all pages they have been to, where they have stayed the longest and from which page they have exited the website.

Kissmetrics: It is the best tool to optimize marketing success and ROI. It lets you track individuals, groups of similar individuals, and your users as a whole throughout their visit to your website. It keeps the track of first time visitors of your website as well as repeat visitors. The stand-out feature of Kissmetrics is that it notes when users leave and come back, and what they do when they return to the website. This tool has made it easier to track ROI coming from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any website, and attribute the conversion credit to the correct social media channel, allowing you to track your entire customer lifecycle more accurately.

Cyfe:  Cyfe is one of the easiest ways to plan, track and amplify your business. It provides one of the best data based analytic dashboard. It basically scans all your data in the form of demographics, making it easier to analyze. This business-intelligence dashboard is a game changer for social media marketing as it provides a holistic view of your overall activity.

Tweet Deck: Tweet deck is the ideal platform for those companies who use more than one account on twitter as it easily allows you to monitor and organize multiple accounts from the same place. It also provides a feature to search relevant hashtags, keywords, and current trends. By using tweet deck you can keep the track of the hashtags that you have specifically created for your campaign and can monitor its performance.

Hootsuite: From finding prospects to serving customer, this platform helps in improving your brand reputation while measuring your brand’s insights. It publishes faster, automatically schedules and posts content for you which enable you with more time to engage with customers. Also, includes analytical reports that keep you aware of what works and what doesn’t, in turn, improving your understanding of your audience.

Kyhole: keyhole is a hashtag tracker used for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that works in real time. It is uncomplicated, undemanding and very plain sailing, making it one of the simplest tools for the average user. It will allow users to track all posts related to hashtags and keywords from Instagram, and Twitter in real time. Tracking accounts of competitors, other people’s comments using your hashtags, retweets, etc everything can be taken care of through this amazing tool.

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