It has been more than a decade since Facebook has revolutionised social media and its trends all across the world, with over 1.59 billion monthly active users, it has become the popular advertising and marketing platform among marketers. Over the years, Facebook has came across as the one of the best social media platforms for creating the community around the businesses, promoting content, information dissemination and developing strong presence and brand identity.

Having said that, what if we tell you that you can generate quality leads through this medium along with advertising your products? Sounds Good?

Here is how you can generate these quality leads to amplify your business:

  • Generating direct leads:
    These are the leads that can be generated by sharing content that links directly back to a form on your website. To generate these kinds of leads you have to take visitors directly to your website and have to create an offer for which they have to share their information. It can be a template, calendar, an ebook, coupon or any other piece of content up for free download which they can get by sharing their email addresses. 
    In order to divert more and more traffic from your facebook page to you landing page, make sure that your offer is pulling enough and has compelling image. Also, make sure that you are not confusing your audience and giving them a fair idea about where they are going.  Prompt them to click on your posts by using words like “Get a free social media calendar” or “Download a free ebook”.

Facebook has also made it easy to generate leads through boosting posts on news timeline as advertisements.

  • Generating Indirect Leads:
    Indirect leads are the friendlier form of creating leads from facebook. In order to generate such leads, one doesn’t have to fill any form or take a quiz or any such thing. These leads are best generated through blogs which either has the call-to-action to a landing page at the bottom of the post or has anchor text placed within the blog. 
    Sharing the post on facebook page without any form, attracts more and more people and gives them a hassle free experience of your content. While reading the blog, when they come across the highlighted information which offers them a free insight or a free download of an ebook or a template or any other content, out of curiosity and interest they will click on that link but unlike direct leads generation method, they won’t be pushed into doing something which they probably don’t want to.

Do you know that indirect leads have higher CTA rate compare to direct leads? Well now you know

  • Generating leads through Call-To-Action button:
    It’s the easiest, yet the most crucial way to generate leads. Call-To-Action button is simple but powerful; it can help driving the huge facebook crowd to the website or the landing pages, contact forms and, other lead generation forms.

Facebook already has 7 pre-made button options to choose from: “Sign Up,” “Shop Now,” “Contact Us,” “Book Now,” “Use App,” Watch Video,” and “Play Game.” You can choose the button as per the action that you want to trigger.

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