Gone are the days when businesses had websites only to serve the purpose of providing information to users. In this age and time, more and more businesses are going for Interactive websites because they are more useful, enjoyable and more memorable. They allow users to communicate, participate and create a distinct experience for each one of them. By being interactive your website stands out from the crowd and helps you in getting noticed by wider and smarter audience.

Here are the 3 reasons why you need interactive website more than ever:

  • To Increase User Engagement- It is one of the most intense and important job of a marketer to charm the right audience. Interactive content like blogs, galleries, videos and questionnaire engage people and keep them occupied from the start. The basic interactivity is easy navigation. Many websites have very complex navigation system which restricts user to reach to its desired destination which results in higher bounce rate and hence impairs the SEO. High bounce rates are an indication that the users are not able to find what they are looking for. By personalizing the sections on your website you can let the user customize and choose the content he wants to interact with, you gain more engagement and more audience which will eventually result in more visibly and increased revenue.
  • To Collect Data- It’s crucial to modify your website from time to time according to your audience’s ever changing taste and preferences. Achieving a good reputation over your competitors is hard, but maintaining that reputation is even harder. By introducing different activities on your website which instigate users to communicate and engage more with your brand is a very good strategy to get an insight not only into the type of audience that comes to your brand but also the trends they follow and what changes you need to do from time to time to stay on the top of the game. Analyzing the data for the growth of an organization is a critical part and in interactive websites makes it tad bit easier.
  • To Stand Out- There are huge numbers of companies out there competing for better and wider audience and it’s easier to be labeled as just another company by the audience. To avoid such situation, you have to work towards being more effective, efficient and different. Here architecture of a website plays a vital role in distinguishing your brand from another. In order to be different, your website should be visually attractive as well as informative. It is more important for businesses to present something different that breaks through the clutter. Introduce more features, surprise your audience, create variety content, grab their attention and make it more tempting so that they come back for more. Keep your audience on their toes and give them a reason good enough to stay connected and to follow you.

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