Social media is the most powerful tool to connect with your customers and market your brand to the wider audience through less monetary investment and more quality content. To create your brand on social media and generating leads out of it you don’t have to spend hours on it but have to spend decent time with smart strategies. Traits like budget-friendly platform, wider audience reach and ability to attract new customers in half of the time in compare to traditional marketing has made social media a most sought after marketing tool for startups and small businesses to advertise themselves.

Here we are sharing 5 unbeatable steps to powerful social media strategy:

  • Set your business objective for social media: Before coming to social media determine your business goals. Decide if you want to join social media for engaging with your consumers, reaching your prospective customers, for generating new leads for your business, to gain visibility for your product or service or want to drive more traffic to your website or blog or to market and advertise your business and your brand.
  • Know your audience: Now that you know your goal that you want to achieve through social media, it’s time to know your target audience. You have to define your audience not only on the basis of demographics (age, location, sex, income, nationality and religion) but also on the bases of psychographics (interest, attitude, opinions and aspirations) in order to engage with them.
  • Pick your social platforms: Social media is time consuming and it’s easier to spend more time than you plan. So instead of wasting your energy by being on 8 different platforms, try picking 1 or 2 platforms and concentrate on generating amazing quality content on them rather than quantity content. We would also advise you to do a thorough keywords research in your line of business in order to create and curate your content around those words. It’ll make you more searchable and reachable. Also try to bring variety in your content by introducing blogs, pictures, info-graphics, charts, videos and gifs. Increase your findability by posting your business location, phone number and office hours. To increase more traffic to your website/blog, include your website or blog links as much as possible in your content.
  • Create your social media engagement plan: Plan out the number of hours and days of the week you want to spend on social media. Encourage your employees to use their social platforms to spread words about your business but also set the rules regarding the usage because social media is addictive and it pulls you in even before you realize and you end up spending hours on it instead of minutes which will result into more distraction and less productivity.
  • Measure your social media result and make new strategies: Measure the success of your social media plan on the bases of lead generation, new customers/followers/fans, visibility and figures in Google analytics. See how much traffic you got from which particular social media platform and how much of it increased your CTR. Re-strategies and invest more into your most traffic/lead generating platform in terms on time, energy, creativity and money.

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