Accept it! Accept it that social media has become the integral part of not only our lives but has changed how businesses do business in a big way. Social media has become so important for any business, any profession and any company that we cannot take them seriously if they are not promoting themselves socially. In fact social media has come a long way from being just a virtual place to connect with your friends and relatives to the important mean of advertising and marketing. It won’t be wrong to say that it has beaten the traditional ways of advertising and marketing such as radio, T.V, newspaper, billboards and fliers in a very short span of time but despite of the tremendous success that social media marketing has garnered for big businesses, small businesses are still sceptical about it. So here is why you should go social over traditional especially if you are looking forward to promote your business, gain more ROI and get more customers and clients on affordable budget:


Advertising on social media is a lot more inexpensive than traditional ways of advertising i.e. t.v., newspaper, radio, billboards and fliers. On social media you can reach thousands of people only on fraction of the cost.


Social media advertising opens up the two-way communication channel between company and the customers. Through social media advertising on platforms like Twitter and Facebook companies can directly interact with customers and can reply to their queries and address their issues instantly, which is not the case with traditional advertising. It effectively decreases your response time to your customers from few days to few minutes. This is how customers feel much closer to the company and feels more comfortable in buying their products and hiring their services.

Targeting Your Audience

While marketing on social media it is easier to target your audience on the basIs of demographic, psychographic and geographic which is not so easy with traditional advertising. Various features on Facebook and Twitter allows you to track the number of people engaging with your advertisement and content which eventually helps you to create the database of the people who would be interested in your product and services and can become your potential buyers from mere visitors.

Choose Your Platform

On social media you are free to choose your platform. There are few products and advertisements which may be fit for one platform and set of people but not so much for others whereas in traditional advertisement when you get your advertisement aired on t.v or radio it reaches everyone’s eyes and ears even if it is not meant for them and won’t do much for your business. For example you can use Instagram or Facebook if you are selling designer shoes which would surely bring you more customers compare to what it would bring to you if we put that same advertisement on LinkedIn.

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