“Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something”- David Nail.

In this era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WordPress a person has vast choices and opportunities to promote himself and his work. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter gives you the options of paid advertising which guarantees greater visibility to your profile or your page and in addition to that there are several other ways but honestly how effective they are? You might be thinking that if you can advertise yourself all on your own then why do you need a professional like us? Here is why:

Professional Skills

People in digital advertising agency are much more experienced and equipped to do the job required for generating greater visibility and reach of your work and services. While advertising on your own you might be buying likes on Facebook or Twitter but are you getting new customers? More often the answer we get is NO. That is because you might not know about it but we have knowledge of generating possible leads for your business by creating well planned ad campaigns, writing compelling ad copy, creating videos and building visually amazing website.  We can help you in getting right kind of traffic to your website by providing you SEO. First impression is the lasting impression and through our services we make sure that we create the right impact of you and your work on your target audience right from the start.


Time is a big constraint for professionals and business owners like you. While you spend majority of your time in doing your job, improving your work, expending your wings; at the end of the day you might not have enough time and enough strength to promote and advertise your work on your own and this is where we comes in. You do your job and leave everything else to us. While you will work towards building your empire, we will work towards building your customers.

No More One Man Army

In this competitive world it’s already too stressful and too tough to make your presence felt and when you are already juggling multiple roles and working so hard, you don’t have to worry about yet another thing. You may be good in your field but may not have the knowledge of social media or advertising and honestly you don’t have to have knowledge about everything in this world. Hire us and we will take the burden off your shoulders. We work with you towards your dreams. We research and we analyse and then we devise the best method to promote you and reach your target audience.

At Across The Road aka ATR with our knowledge and experience in social media we help you to drive traffic to your website, gain new positive leads, increase your visibility, boost your content, promote your work and build your brand and in addition to that we plan corporate events. In other words we let the world know about you and your work in the most effective way. You invest in us and we invest in your dreams through our work.

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