Hashtags are essential for your business’s growth on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Using hashtags correctly is even more important in order to reach people who will be interested in your content. Hashtags are important tool of increasing engagement, awareness and sales in future.
Using correct hashtags is tricky and in this blog we will tell you the ‘Do’s & Don’ts of Hashtags’ which will help you achieve your business’s social media goals, more swiftly.


Here are 3 smart ways to integrate email marketing with social media strategy and to take your marketing efforts to the next level:

  • Use Relevant Hashtags
    Using hashtags relevant to your business will help you in attracting right kind of audience. You can use your industry specific keywords as hashtags or you can check what hashtags your competitors are using and how it’s helping or harming their business. It’s always a smart move to be very specific with hashtags in relevance of your content.
  • Use Local Hashtags
    If you are trying to gather the attention of the audience or trying to create the community in nearby region or area, you should be using local hashtags.
  • Capitalize the First Letter
    When you put multiple words together in a single hashtag, the letters become jumbled up and difficult to read at a glance. In order to distinguish them, capitalize the first letter of each word so that people can associate with what you are trying to convey. It’s just like talking loudly and clearly instead of mumbling.
  • Use Minimum Numbers of Hashtags in Post
    There is nothing more annoying than reading a post with millions of hashtags which makes it look cluttered. You should not be using more than 1-2 hashtags in your post so that it looks neat, clean and to the point.
  • Auditing for New Hashtags
    It’s good to have your tried and tested hashtags in order to pull the engagement from right audience but it’s not good to get comfortable with your trusted hashtags and not analyzing and researching for new ones. It’s absolutely essential to audit your hashtags list and look for new ones in order to attract new followers, clients or consumers.


  • Using Popular Hashtags Only
    The biggest mistake of any business is, using only popular and generic hashtags instead of using relevant or industry specific hashtags. You may get few likes, retweets or shares but they won’t be from the kind of audience which you were aiming from. Instead of blindly following trending or popular hashtags, use the ones which are more relevant and engagement gaining for you.
  • Not Keeping Track of Hashtags
    While running a campaign, companies usually uses hashtags in order to garner more attention but the biggest mistake they do is not keeping the track of hashtags or analyzing the impact of specific hashtags which they have used. It’s important to track hashtags so that you can know how good or bad your campaign is doing on social media.
  • Not Using Any Hashtag
    Yet another mistake which is keeping you from reaching your audience is not using any hashtag in your posts. Not using any hashtag is as harmful as using millions of them. How will you connect with the right audience for your brand or product if you have made yourself undiscoverable by deciding not using any hashtag at all in your posts?

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