Email marketing is one of the first and favorable tools of marketing since internet came into existence. It may not be the only way to get tractions in digital space but when used in combination of social media, content marketing, Google ads and PPC, it makes marketing goals achievable and easier. The most successful brands are the ones who have been able to merge together all the branches of their marketing in order to attain maximum ROI and conversion rates.

Here are 3 smart ways to integrate email marketing with social media strategy and to take your marketing efforts to the next level:

  • Upload your subscriber lists to social media: One of the best ways to make emails the part of your social media marketing and use it in the best interest of your brand is to upload your subscriber lists to your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. By doing this you can follow your subscribers on social, run the targeted social media campaigns to people who are already and really interested in your brand and can increase your chances of higher conversion rates. In fact, by being connected to your subscribers on social media you will know more about them and can draft better emails by keeping their behavior and preferences in mind and it will lay the foundation of successful email marketing campaign.
  • Use social media to extend your email lists database: Using social media profiles for increasing the emailing lists database is the smartest way to tap into wider audience by increasing your reach by multiple folds. You can either use Twitter Cards or add a subscribe form to your Facebook which will make it easier for your followers to subscribe to you without even leaving the social media platforms. It also makes it easier to retain your customers.
  • Link your social media profiles in your emails: You can bring together social media and email marketing and can create the huge marketing campaign with maximum impact. Put links of your social media platforms in your emails while running email campaigns and by doing this you will increase engagement on your social media profiles and will manage to stay on the top of the minds of your subscribers and prospective customers. It is the best way to showcase that how active your brand is on social community and how serious it is about showing off its best side which will eventually make them feel more connected to your brand.

These days’ marketers are actively using email marketing and social media marketing in sync so that they can reap the maximum profit and can reach their marketing goals. If you are also looking forward to this beautiful marriage between these two but don’t know from where to start, feel free to reach us at and we will stage the magnificent wedding just for your brand.

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