A brand is something more than a name, logo and a tagline. A brand is feeling, expression and an experience which makes people to have confidence in your company or product. If used correctly, social media can be the most powerful tool for you to create and grow your brand.

Here are the 7 brilliant ways to build your brand through social media:

  • Pick Your Social Platform: On social media there is abundance of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+ and so on but not every platform is made for you. For example if you are looking for generating leads then LinkedIn is more suitable for you as it’s highly effective for B2B strategies whereas if you want to promote your brand then Facebook and Instagram are much better options for you compare to platforms like Twitter and Google + which are hugely helpful in networking and building relations. There is no point in investing your energy and efforts on a platform which may not be suitable for you, instead take your time and pick your platform wisely.
  • Be Active: For creating a brand you have to be consistently active on the platforms that you have chosen. Random posts on Facebook and a weekly photo on Instagram are not going to create any curiosity about your brand rather it’s going to create the negative impact on your prospective buyers or clients.
  • Be Engaging: Social media platforms are not there for you to just come and say what you want to and then leave, until next time. Rather, it’s a mean of two-way communication where you can get your target audience interested in your product by engaging with them not through only by posting interesting posts and content but by liking, sharing and replying to their content as well.
  • Be Visual: Visual content like videos, images and infographics get more attention on social media and stays in the memory longer than the text. Don’t be afraid to use the visual content relevant to your brand but make sure to use the colors, themes and certain elements in it which mirrors the visual feel of your brand.
  • Figure Out The Right Time For You: Timing is very crucial when you are trying to reach the right people in order to grow your presence and business on social media. There are certain peak hours in the day on certain media platform where you can reach the large number of people and can get more attention. You have to figure out when and where you should be posting your content and should be active so that you can capture maximum eyeballs and can turn things in your favour.
  • Play With Hashtags: Hashtags are the fastest way of increasing your social visibility. Every industry has a set of buzzwords which helps to increase your visibility among different platforms. By studying and using industry specific hashtags, you can make yourself discoverable by like minded people.
  • Client Servicing: Social media followers are extremely important for your brand. These are the people who are your prospective customers and clients. You have to be very reliable and should be quick enough to address the concerns and queries of your followers. When you are quick to reply, it’s create the image of being a concerned and well connected brand who takes actions as soon as something goes wrong.

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