In recent times, Snapchat has come a long way from just another social media messaging app with wacky filters to a strong marketing tool. It has even successfully surpassed the popularity of Twitter and has shockingly stolen the thunder of Instagram. It has made the marketers, who used to write it off while making marketing strategies, to rethink about its power of connecting consumers with businesses like never before.

Here are the 4 best ways to use Snapchat for business:

  • Take People Behind The Scenes: Who doesn’t want to get the peek into the making of the product or catching the glimpse of the campaign shoot of their favourite brand? Snapchat is the best place to show people the faces behind the products, brands, campaigns and companies. Here you can create the curiosity about your brand by making the people part of every process from ideation to execution. Take them on the office tours; show them how you work in real-time. Encourage your employees and interns to snap their office stories and photos. Show them the real personality of the brand and the lifestyle off your company. Create that connect with your consumers which would bring them back for more.
  • Provide Access To Live Events:Snapchat is a live marketing tool which gives people access to live product launches, trade shows, corporate awards, media events, annual events, sport events and so on. Its best way to get your audience excited.
  • Increase Engagement Through Exclusive Contests: It makes you run the contests and promotion offer like no other social media platforms can do. You can buy geofilters and customise it as per your brand and can use it in your promotions and launches in the way you want and it’s not even expensive but it gives the impression that your brand is important enough to have its own filter. It also allows you to create small games, video contests, doodle contests, photo contests and much more. It’s a great way to create engagement and emotional connect with your audience.
  • Increase Brand Awareness Through Snap Ads: Snapchat allows you to roll up to 10 seconds ads between the snap stories which however is skippable but a great way to grab attention because it gives people options to go in-depth of the ads by swiping to watch long form videos, downloading apps, reading articles and visiting websites. According to Snapchat, swipe-up rate on Snapchat is a lot higher than click-through rate on other social media platforms.

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