‘Growth hacking’ is the rage nowadays, and for all the good reasons. It is a simple yet useful marketing strategy which is designed to push your business to reach out the masses. Through this, you can maximize your business with simple hacks and tricks. The idea of growth hacking is to try new tactics, optimize data, and iterate.

One of the best recommendations for increasing more followers and engagement on social media is to make it easy for website visitors, target audience and influencers to connect with you on social media. And by doing so, you get your brand a lot of exposure, which may result in new user signups, social shares, back-links and web traffic.

Here 5 simple growth hacks for quickly accelerating your business:

    1. Always be testing: If you’re curious to find out ways to get more likes, tweets and engagement on your social platforms, the best piece of advice for you is to keep trying new things. Once start doing new things to grand the attention of your audience, more people will want to engage with you. This will eventually lead to the great opportunities to warm up your interested audience and converting them into your potential leads.
    2. Focus on getting people on your email list: Apparently, Email marketing brings in new customers at a rate of nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. The best strategy that might work here is to find the social accounts of your email subscribers and get them to follow you. Leverage the advantage of your email list by creating relevant content for your audience and by using this hack you can also easily target people with similar interests to your pre-existing email list on various social platforms.
    3. Twitter Chats: Executing a successful social media strategy can be really tough when it comes to targeting relevant audience and generating leads. Now, even though twitter chats often take more time to generate a substantial level of participation, they are a great way of both targeting your relevant audience and enabling a deeper level of engagement from your audience. In addition, they add a lot of value to your brand and help you in generating more potential leads.
    4. Add a hashtag or @-mention to your bio: The bio on Twitter especially offers even better ways to customize. Adding a hashtag to your bio will in turn help increase your visibility through search.You can also add a @-mention to your bio to link yourself to where you work or who you’re connected with, giving a bit more credibility and authenticity to your profile.
    5. Optimize your content and make the best of it: Recycle and repost your best-generated content as it gives a chance to drive more people to your website. If anything, this is a really efficient way of driving more traffic to your blog. Adding appealing visuals to your posts is a very smart way to get your most important content noticed. According to Twitter, posts with an image can increase an average of 35% boost in retweets. It’s no secret and it’s inevitable – posts that are designed using visual techniques are more appealing than articles. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why don’t you leverage visuals to acquire more audience?


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