Social media has become the biggest marketing channel for the businesses over the years. It has become the most popular platform for building the community for your brand in order to convert your followers in to your customers. Though social media plays the vital role in influencing your customers/buyers, there are several myths associated with it which hampers the perception of businesses about this best marketing tool in the market.

Here are 4 common myths debunked about social media:

  1. You Need to Be On All The Social Media Platform

Generally businesses believe that they need to have a presence on all the social media platforms available on the world wide web. In reality, by being on all the social media platforms you won’t be getting more clients or customers but would be wasting a lot of time for sure.  Social Media has the unbeatable power to help you connect with your desired audience but having said that you should know where your audience is. You should be using only as many platforms as you can manage effectively. Being on too many platforms can actually hinder your ability to build and maintain relationships. Be on 2 or 3 platforms and create great content for the same. Engage with your audience, respond to their queries and be available to your customers.

  1. You Can Get Away With The Same Content On All The Social Media Platforms

In an effort to save time and energy, many brands and businesses create the standardized content and share it on all the social media platforms. But they forget that every social media platform has different appeal and different audience. If businesses want to be successful then they should come up with customized content as per the audience of that particular platform. You can’t have the same content for Instagram as well as for Linkedin.

  1. You Are Successful If You Have a Large Number of Followers

Most brands and businesses judge their success through the numbers of likes and followers they have on their social media platforms. In reality, the size of your account does not directly affect the success of your social media strategy. You may have the larger audience but will still struggle in finding loyal customer base or you may have a smaller social media community but still can have the decent number of loyalists and followers who would want to be your clients/customers. The only way you can judge your success is through monitoring the engagement on your social media platforms. Instead of focusing on the number of followers, you should be working on the quality of your content which will eventually lead to the better engagement and better customer base.

  1. Results Will Start Showing from Your Social Media Immediately

 Businesses usually expect to see the results from their social media activities from first few weeks. Little they know that building a good social media presence takes time and efforts and it can’t be done in a fortnight. Generally it takes anywhere between 6-12 months in building the engaging community through consistently sharing the good quality content. Having said that it’s easier for those businesses to quickly build the community who have generated viral content like extremely good videos or if they have decent marketing budget to invest in the social media marketing. It’s a well known fact that the paid promotions and ads can significantly increase the reach of your brand to its potential customers.

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