Instagram is not just a photo-based social media platform but currently, it’s the platform which can garner the highest attention and engagement to your brand and this is what makes it a very popular marketing tool for the businesses. But this with over 700 million monthly active users, it’s not as easy to pull attention, likes and followers to your brand but with these 5 tried and tested tips you can definitely grab the attention of its steady stream of users:

  • Create A Profile Which Gets Noticed:
    As a brand or company you surely do a lot of things but you can’t populate the profile with too much information because you only have 150 characters to tell about you on Instagram. Use this space to talk about your USP or your next big thing which can be a new product launch, promotion or event. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning here, the only clickable in your entire profile is in your bio section. Be careful while putting information there and always keep updating it with the links to your latest events, new products, promotions, discount, offers and apps. Instagram has also launched Instagram for Business which lets you add your number to your bio and also give you access to analytical data that you cannot access to otherwise.
  • Show What You Do In Fun & Creative Way:
    Instagram is all about looking pretty. Your visual presence can make or break your brand on this particular platform. If your industry is service-oriented then it’s going to be a little challenging for you to go visually creative. But you can overcome this challenge by showing the process that goes behind providing that service in the form of a gif, short videos and photos.
  • Become Friends With Instagram Stories:
    The Best part about Instagram story is that they disappear in 24-hours! Instagram stories are a fun way to add value to your content and brand. The use of this feature is that it’s prominently displayed on the top of the timeline of the followers so whenever you post something on the story, your followers get to know about it as soon as they open their accounts as you would be on the top and right in front of their eyes. You can use the stories to post the content which is otherwise not high resolution. Behind the scenes makes and quick Boomerang gifs makes great Instagram stories.
  • Use Hashtags to Reach Wider Audience:
    It’s very important to use hashtags in your posts as it connects you with the people who are interested in your industry, product or service. Use hashtags in relevance to your campaign or industry specific and throw a couple of popular hashtags i.e. #instagood #picoftheday #tbt and so on. In addition to that, always use a hashtag with your brand or company name and use it sparingly on Instagram so that it makes you and your content more discoverable.
  • Give Sneak Peak & Build Anticipation:
    If you are coming up with something new, keep your customer interested from the start. Increase their curiosity level by sharing little glimpse and sneak peeks. Share teasers on Instagram story and come up with contests which are crisp and tailored to grab as many eyeballs as possible.

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