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We all crave more for the time, but no endowment support or website markets it (gratis business plan, anyone?).

But as the proverb runs: the best stuff in life is free… correct?

Well in the case of frugality as a social media manager, they really are. And we’ll explain it to you in this blog.

Yup, you heard that correct. We’ll catch a quick glance at some quick-witted things you can do, to conserve time as a social media manager. We also toss some stuff you shouldn’t do at the end of the article.

Maneuver these approach to make your posts scheduled and tasks achieved promptly, and you’ll have more time to watch cat memes and sip coffee… and maybe even get home in time for supper, too 😉

Sound ideal with you? Excellent—let’s jump in.

Save your hashtag templates
Find yourself drafting out the similar specific hashtags on every Instagram post? Stop spending time and create a Word or Google Doc full of them. Then, just stick them into every Instagram post you want to use them on.

Oh yeah, It’s a chaos of a lot easier than manually typing them in.

A Word doc: the hashtag archives.
As the title infers, inside the hashtag archives you can design hashtag combinations that you use often, so you can obtain them with a click.

Recycle evergreen content
Concentrate your energies on generating content that has a great shelf presence. Imagine infographics, long-form blog posts.

But why prepare this?

Easy: you can repost it!

When you create an infographic, for example, you can reshare it with your users as many times as you’d like. This grants you the most kick for your buck and makes it simpler than ever to share high-quality content on a notion.

Make a paper to-do list daily
Ditch the Reminders app and grasp a journal. Drafting a to-do list every day may really make you more prolific (and help to save the time).
OK, this one is too basic, but it eased our Digital Marketer a lot.
Jumping from a smartphone to-do list to a paper to-do list lessens disturbance, and there’s some kind of, “oh-so-pleasing” about marking off a paper to-do list contrary to snapping a “done” button.
And there you own it: how to save tons of time on your social media management. Put these tips at work, and you may notice yourself with an excellent lump of spare time at the end of every (ok, most) workday.

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