Grow your Business with these Top 5 SEO Strategies

When it comes to an online business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered one of the most profitable marketing strategies online. Though the results of these SEO strategies remain unpredictable, it is one such practice that is evolving over time and is benefitting the companies on a large scale. Well-implemented SEO techniques do not only improve the ranking of your website but also help you to generate more traffic, leads, sales as well as plays a vital role in the branding of your business. But before you use any of these SEO strategies, one thing that you must understand is that there are various techniques which you must use to promote your website, especially the ones promoted by the SEO experts. However, there are few strategies that must be best stayed away from.

Below we are listing the top 5 SEO strategies that you should definitely try to take your business to completely new heights:

  1. Implement Voice Search

With the growing rate of voice searches over the years, companies must use this new technology and take advantage of these voice activation and recognition systems. According to the statistics, voice searches accounted for a total 20% of all types of internet searches. So, optimizing voice search in your website will definitely help you get better results.

As the majority of voice searches are in the form of questions, it is really important that you must use long tail keywords and ensure that they are in the form of sentences or answers rather than just keywords or phrases. Also, make sure that your question and answer appears on the same page as Google mostly prefer sites that provide instant results to queries.

  1. Mobile-friendly designs

Now that more and more people are accessing websites and applications on mobile, it is of utmost importance to make your website responsive. This does not only improve the user experience, but also helps your customers to enjoy better navigation, which makes them spend more time on the website. This will also help you generate better conversions and leads.

All you need to do is to make changes in your website code and make it responsive so that it can be easily accessed on all devices, which include mobile devices, iPads as well. You can also use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which helps you create your own website and provides better performance and loading speed.

  1. Use long-tail keywords

It is a known fact that using long-tail keywords brings lesser traffic as compared to the shorter keywords. But what one must understand is that despite the low traffic, these keywords are known for providing a better conversion rate. The reason behind this is that the long-tail keywords are more specific in nature and has less competition as compared to the other simple keywords. So, the more keywords you use, the better.

You can search for long-tail keywords using tools like SEMrush and AHRefs.  For example, you can type “car prices” in SEMrush and you will get various long-tail keywords to choose from. These long-tail keywords have a cheap cost per click as well.

  1. Get to the top position

Be it any company or business, they all want their websites to appear in the top position. Having your website on the first page of the search engine can do wonders for your business. Just make sure you are providing your users all the information they are looking for.

As Google prefers instant answers, providing the answers and solving queries can help you make it to the top. Shortening URL and using schema markup can also help you in the long run.

  1. Use more videos

As compared to blogs and images, people are more inclined towards watching videos. So conveying any information through a video is a lot easier than through blogs or images nowadays. This also indicates the importance of video content in the current scenario. In order to attract more customer and bring more traffic to your website, you must include videos in your online marketing strategies.

Posting videos can also help you get better results as YouTube is the second best search engine and having video content on your website would benefit your website in many ways.

Remember SEO is all about taking risks, experimenting with the strategies and following new trends. So if you are looking forward to getting better results in 2018, then staying updated with the current trends and using all the above-listed SEO techniques would surely help you bring your website to the top position.

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