Across The Road is the preeminent branding company in Noida, has been producing integrated
brand management solutions. Our belief is simple- brands are not what you believe it is…
they are what the public believes them to be! The company efficiently delivers influential
marketing tactics that exert a brand from an idea to an influence platform. The method requires
intensive brainstorming, analysis, and etymological thoughts that lead to the evolution of the
initial branding for the brand. It is this powerful brainstorming concourse that forms a quality and
reliable base for the brand. We envision, We design, We revive, We maintain, We re-imagine, We reposition, We devise,
We give you the canvas to unfold your wings and convey the concept of your brand in the most
effective way. This is how we do it:

● Logo Designing
● Promotional Concept
● Marketing Concept
● Advertising Concept
● Brand Assessment
● Brand Positioning
● Brand Strategy
● Brand Building
● Corporate Branding

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