We are full service digital marketing agency and event management company. At ATR we do everything from providing digital business solutions, advertising, social media marketing, branding, web designing, logo designing, mobile apps, SEO to event planning.

We are always excited to work with small businesses to large organisations, be it at national or international level, private sector or government sector. We work very hard to educate the brand that there is more to digital marketing than just having your presence on various social media platforms and having hundreds of thousands of followers.

We not only create the credibility of the brands in the market through our various digital marketing tools but we also help them to build the relationship with their clients and customers because selling your product is easy but creating the demand of it and loyalty of customers is not all fun and games. We bridge the gap between customers and brands by bringing them together through our interactive campaigns and several other strategies.


We are very well connected with the right tools and people to not only create your brand but also creating awareness and demand of it in the marketplace.

ATR was started with the vision to provide budget digital marketing so that even smallest of the businesses can dream big without fearing of spending their life savings on promoting their business.

We treat our campaigns as our babies, from strategy to execution. We are expert in doing hard work the smart way.

We are efficient enough to handle the best marketing strategies, media planning, campaigns, social media presence, designing, events; all at the same time.

We understand that your product means everything to you and we make it our business to handle your account with utmost responsibility and deliver the maximum value of your brand.

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